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Science Food and Nutrients 🍱

By Friend tutor posted on July 2020

1. What is food?/ Why do we need food?   

*  Food is the combination of nutrients that gives energy to our body. 

 *  Food is needed by all living organism to grow and to reproduce. 

 No food no life.

2.what are nutrients?

Nutrients are the substances that body need to live, grow and to be healthy. 

Nutrients are present in all types of food. 

 There are 5 main kinds of nutrients. Ex. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

3. Two Major source of energy we get from? 

Our Major source of energy is from  plants and animals.

4. What are carbohydrates? Give eg?

 * Carbohydrates are also called as energy giving foods.

They are needed in more amount by our body to do work and to play.

Rice, wheat, bread etc.

5. What are two types of carbohydrates give eg?

 Sugars typeStarch type
1.  These are quickly released
by our body to give energy.
 2. Ex: Glucose, Honey etc       
1.These are slowly released
by our body to give energy
2.Ex: Potato, Rice etc.

6. What are proteins? Give eg.  For foods rich in proteins?

 They are body building foods.They are needed by our body to grow

.* They help in building muscles, blood and skin.

They help in repairing our body

Foods rich in protein are fish, meat, egg, pulses etc.

7.what are fats? Foods rich in fats?

 Fats are energy giving food. 

 They are stored and used later for giving energy to our body.

 They keep our body warm.

Foods rich in fats are ghee, oil, butter etc.

8. What are protective foods?

* Vitamins and minerals are called as protective foods. 

*They are needed by our body in small amounts to stay healthy.

*Vitamins A,D, E and K  are present in Fruits and vegetables.

*Minerals iron  present in dates, Phosphorus present in Banana, Calcium in  milk.

9. what is the importance of water in our body?

  1. Two third of our body is made up of water.
  2. Water helps our body to digest the food.
  3. Water absorb nutrients.
  4. Water sends out waste.
  5. Water prevents constipation.

10. How to calculate minimum amount of water to be consumed per day by an individual? 

Minimum amount of water consumed each day =body weight × 0.033.
Eg. 30kg ×0.033=0.99 Nearly one litre of water to be consumed minimum in a day. 

11.what is roughage?

  • Roughage also known as fibre.
  • It is part of food that cannot be digested by our body.
  • It is present in all plant foods.
  • It prevents constipation.  

12. What is constipation?   

Constipation means difficulty in passing stools. This can be over comed by more intake of water and fiber foods. 
13. Give some ex. For foods rich in fiber?  Oats, pulses, banana stem  etc.   

14. What is balanced diet? 

 A diet that contains right amount of all nutrients including water and roughage.Foods are divided into four groups for easier intake of balanced diet. 

 Food group

Cereal groupCarbohydrates
and minerals
Chapati etc.

Vegetables and
fruits group
Vitamins and Minerals
All fruits

Milk and
fat group

fats and
Milk, cheese,
curd etc.

 Protein group

 Proteins and

fish and egg etc.

Food pyramid is to be followed for a Hale and healthy life. It gives us a balanced diet.

 A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food in your plate. Stay healthy. A simple questionare was added below so you can test kids level of understanding this concept.

Points to remember:

  1. Food is a combination of nutrients.
  2. Nutrients are substances present in food need to grow.
  3. Macro nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water and roughage.
  4. Micro nutrients are Vitamins and Minerals.
  5. Carbohydrates and fats are energy giving foods.
  6. Proteins are body building foods.
  7. Vitamins and Minerals are protective foods.
  8. Excess intake of fat leads  to obesity.
  9. Lack of nutrient in diet leads to deficiency diseases.
  10. Lack of iron leads to anemia.
  11. Lack of vitamin A leads to night blindness.
  12. Roughage also known as fibers.
  13. Ex. Of fiber rich foods pulses, banana stem and all plant foods.
  14. Roughage and water prevents constipation.
  15. First Food pyramid published in 1974

In 1992, USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture) introduced the FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID or EATING RIGHT PYRAMID.

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