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Introduction to Globe🌍

by Friend tutor posted on July,2020

1.What is a globe?

  • The word “GLOBE” in latin means sphere.
  • Globe is the 3-dimensional representation of the earth.
  • BLUE colour in globe represents WATER BODIES.
  • GREEN colour in globe represents LAND MASSES.
First Globe in the world is ERDAPFEL .In german it means Earth Apple. It is the first terrestrial globe produced by Martin Behalm from1490-1492.

2.What is the shape of Earth?   

Earth is not exactly sphere or round. It is little pressed at the two poles and bulged in the middle.

3. why do we need globe?   

Globe is the exact three dimensional representation of Earth.It clearly shows the location of continents and oceans and seas on smaller scale.

4. What are the advantages of globe?

  • Globe shows the exact shape of the Earth.
  • Globe shows the north pole and south pole exactly.
  • Globe shows the location of continents and oceans on Earth`s surface.

5.What are the disadvantages of Globe?

  • Globe is large and bulky.
  • Globe is not easy to carry.
  • Globe does not show all the places in great detail.
  • Globe do not show the entire Earth at a single glance.

World`s largest revolving and rotating globe was “EARTHA” designed and build by DELORME in Yarmouth Main in USA(1998). It is 41.5 feet in diameter and rotates exactly as the Earth.

6. What are continents?               

Large land masses on Earth are called as Continents. There are seven continents in the World. They are Asia,Africa,Australia, Antarctica, Europe,North America and South America.

  • Largest Continent in the world is ASIA.
  • Smallest Continent in the World is AUSTRALIA.
  • India is the 7th Largest country in the world and is located in Asia Continent.
Continents and Oceans

2.What are Oceans?

Large water bodies surrounding Continents are called as Oceans.There are five oceans in the World, They are Pacific Ocean,Arctic Ocean,Atlantic Ocean,Indian Ocean,Southern Ocean (Antarctic Ocean)

  • Largest and Deepest ocean is PACIFIC OCEAN.
  • Smallest Ocean is ARCTIC OCEAN.
Millions of years ago, all continents formed a single super Continent PANGAEA, later they split up and drifted to form various Continents.

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