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May 11,2020  

An Intro To Morescorecbse

Hi all, this is friendtutor in morescorecbse.

OBJECTIVE:  To enable the students to understand the concepts easily and to score more marks in their exams.

What’s new in MORESCORECBSE:This blog is going to be question answer type so that any child can easily understand and write well in their exams and can impress your teachers. This blog is a great boon to all children under grade5.                    Feel free to post your comments and drop ur suggestion at♥️ 

List of topics for Science for Grade 5:
Food and Nutrients

Similarities and differences in Food and Nutrients 🍳
Food Spoilage 💩 
Food Preservation techniques 🥫 
Infectious Diseases 😈 
Terminology and prevention of infectious diseases 🏋️

 Non infectious disesases 🍱Rocks and Minerals 💩
Soil Formation, Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation🌱🍃

List of topics for Social for Grade 5:

Introduction to Globe🌎
Latitudes 🌏
Interesting facts in Globe🤔
Movements of Earth 🌎

Weather and Climate🌦️🌩️🌧️🌡️

Hot and Wet Equatorial Regions☀️🌧️⚡☔

List of Topics for Science Grade 6:

Chapter 1: Food where it comes from


Published by Friendtutor

Hi, this is friendtutor from India. I have created this site for easy access to all children under grade 5 for their learning. Come let's make learning as a fun.

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